Faculty Seminars

The Americas Forum hosts monthly seminars for members of the Georgetown faculty on a wide range of topics relevant to the Americas. The usual format is a presentation by a faculty member of a work in progress to AI colleagues, followed by a discussion of the work.

Americas Forum Seminar Schedule 2012-2013

Caetlin Benson-Allott, English Department, “Driving Forces: Stunt Work and Political Spectacle in 1970s Car Movies.”

Denise Brennan, Anthropology Department, chapter 1 of Life Interrupted

Bryan Hochman, English Department, “Race, Empire, and the Skin of the Ethnographic Image”

Adam Lifshey, English Department, “The Sycophantic Subversive: Pedro Paterno’s 1902 Opera La alianza soñada [The Dreamed Alliance]”

Chandra Manning, History Department, “Emancipation as State-Building from the Inside Out.”

Samantha Pinto, “Something Akin to Human Rights: Mary Seacole’s Adventures in Global Citizenship”

Douglas Reed, Government Department, “From Arlandria to Chirilagua: English Language Learners in Alexandria, Virginia and the Catch-22 Immigration”

2011-2012 Faculty Seminars

Katie Benton-Cohen presented a draft of her chapter on anthropologist Franz Boa’s 1908 study of the bodies of immigrant schoolchildren.

Marcia Chatelain presented ” International Friendship, Domestic Sisterhood: Girl Scouts and the Our Cabana Project in Mexico, 1957-1970. Her paper discussed a Girl Scout meeting center in Cuernevaca, Mexico and intercultural relations among adolescent girls.

Derek Goldman presented his work on “A Child Shall Lead Them: Making ‘The Night of the Hunter'”, a new multimedia production based on the classic film by Charles Laughton.

Brian Hochman presented “Writing Motion: Plains Indian Sign Language and the Protocinematic Aesthetic”, drawn from his book-in-progress.

Chandra Manning presented “Time in the Desert: the Embattled Path from Slaves to Citizens in the 19th Century U.S.”

Ricardo Ortiz presented “The Queers of Hispaniola: Atrocity, Sexuality and Memory in the Short Fiction by Edwidge Danticat and Junot Diaz.”

John Tutino presented his work “Introduction: Globalization, Demographic Explosion, and Popular Participation” for the Americas Forum book volume New World Cities: Twentieth-Century Challenges, ed. by John Tutino and Martin Melosi.